Traveler risks everything for this one item

Can you guess what it is?

~A Journey~

The first step of this journey- alt text Walking towards and then onto the bus On the bus. alt text Pay the “conductor”- the man or woman that goes around taking the bus fare - 90 tenge / ~30 cents. alt text Handed lil slip. alt text Off the bus- walking through the city towards the mall, “Keruen,” a popular mall in downtown Astana. alt text Kereun is here alt text Walking up the steep steps to the mall alt text walking around in Keruen mall~~~ looking for Gal Mart! alt text And here we are- the upscale supermarket where you can find all of your commodities (foreign and local) alt text entering Gal Mart, seeking aisle of milk alt text approaching the milk aisle alt text so now- it is only sometimes that Gal Mart has stock of “non-dairy” beverages like Almond or Soy- one can never know. Do they have it on this beautiful winter day? alt text no alt text The people here 100% think i’m crazy alt text out we go- back into the cold blue tundra/Mildly distraught. alt text Spotted: Uggs! alt text Walking through the streets. Lots of people are out and about because It’s so warm! (+3C is warm) Almost slipped on the ice, but didn’t. Challenge alert! alt text walking walking alt text a few blocks away and we start to approach Gastronom- another upscale supermarket. alt text walking closer alt text So here we are-I’m not much of a selfie taker. alt text We are at Gastronom looking around for the milk aisle. Ah ha!- does this lady look like she’s posing?! Comment yes or no below alt text Utter shock. What a display! alt text So they have rice milk, brown rice milk, soy milk, ORGANIC soy milk, chocolate soy milk, banana soy milk(no), and vanilla, but no almond. But that’s okay. With such a selection, I’m honored to be presented with such beautiful array of non-dairy beverages. (also, there is candy bar milk? Do they have this in America?!) alt text Can we call this a success? (yes, I think so)

hand-in-hand, we make our way to the bus stop. We’re taking the 52 home. alt text The bus ride back. Strong stench of alcohol on my right from a guy leaning on the window. Reminds me of Russia. And as a side note, I actually hardly see drunk people at all. This was definitely an exception. alt text There’s my bus- onward to it’s next stop. alt text Another pair of Uggs! It’s a fashion statement! alt text What’s the moral of the story? ( what is the moral??) -probably that the world has experienced an incredible amount of de-localization and standardization of availability and choice when it comes to food, which is symptomatic of the total interdependency of the global economy. But the REAL moral here is that you can find soy milk anywhere provided you look hard enough. alt text thank you.

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