Siberia vs Florida

what’s the difference really…

Since moving to Siberia, a lot of people have reached out to me: “What has shocked you about living there vs back at home?”

So I made a list:

No one smiles to each other on the streets. People will think you’re crazy.

Churches are small here. I don’t think they have congregations like America.

alt text

No Starbucks. #nobasicbeaches

Sleds instead of strollers.

alt text

alt text

The population is nowhere near as diverse as America. Minorities consist mainly of Ukrainians, Germans, Kazaks, and Tatars, but over 93% of the population is Russian.

Vitamins and other cosmetics are bought at the “chemist”.

alt text

No organic foods in your everyday market.

Soy products aren’t as prevalent, especially at cafes or restaurants.

Smoking cigarettes is ‘in’, weed is ‘out’. (I don’t actually smoke, but it’s definitely a culture difference.)

alt text

Dumpster diving and thrift shops are for poor people only.

The elevators will close on you if you aren’t fast enough.

alt text

No authentic Mexican food. This one makes me the saddest.

The toilet and bath are in separate rooms.

Popular restaurants serve Japanese, Georgian, and Italian.

Popular vacation spots are Thailand, Cyprus, and Spain.

Russians drink vodka and sing karaoke in the banya (sauna). Who thought this was a good idea?

alt text

Russians think they won WW2.

Religion is not as eminent as it is in America.

After living here for a few more months, I thought of a few more :)

Uber doesn’t come to you, you go to Uber.

Selfies like i’ve never seen before. Maybe I’ve never noticed this in the US?

Unnecessary amounts of plastic.

2 for 1 beers at Burger King! (I’m a fan)

Architecture is less than priority (strictly Novosibirsk)

It’s more common to live with your family.

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