What are Russian students like?

I’ll let you be the judge of that

I’ve spent many months educating (I hope) the kids (aged 4-17) in the English language. Most people ask, are they like American kids? More disciplined? Less? What are they!?

I remember being in middle and high school. Some of my classes were well-behaved and listened to the teacher. I also remember the classes the kids were crazy. They wouldn’t listen, they would text, ignore all work, and talk during class. I taught every part of the spectrum. It was strange how the student dynamic really changed the class setting. I’ve always thought it was the other way around, the teacher being the more influencial figure in the classroom. Now I think otherwise. Or maybe it’s all of us.

Anyway, during the year, a student would say or do something funny or strange or mean and I would write it down so I could share my experiences. So here we are, a list.

Side note: VK is “the Facebook of Russia” since Russia doesn’t like to use things from America - go to vk.com and add me!
Student: Do you have VK?
Me: Well yes, but Facebook is more popular in the US so I use that more.
Student: I know, but VK is popular in Russia and I think one day the whole world will be one Russian Nation.

As I’m walking into a new class
Student: You know that Russia is larger than America?
Me: Aware. Thank you

Okay, lets put all of the trash away!
Students start picking up other students and stuffing them in the trashcans.

Me: Okay guys, here is fake money, you need to buy which project you think is the best.
Student: lays down
Other student: makes fake money rain on other student

I had to write name tags for the students in my class.
Student: My name is Mario. Mario Bond.
Me: OK
He didn’t respond to any name but Mario for the entire class time.

Student: Bianca, how do you live in Russia without speaking Russian?
Me: Well, student, I know enough Russian to get around.
Student: I just have this feeling that you live under the school. In like a cave, a small cave, with just a bed and dresser. Do you ever see the sun?
Me: Obviously not.

I was conducting a class about Presidential elections. A girl took it upon herself to write a sign that said “Trump,” but misspelled it as Tramp.
She kept holding up the sign and saying “Go Tramp,” obviously a miscommunication on her part but I couldn’t help laughing. I tried to tell her that it was a mistake but nothing got through. (It was a lower level)

Me: Should we save endangered species?!
Students in unison: Yes!
Student: So we can make more fur coats
Me: cries internally

Student: You’re a vegetarian?
Me: Yes…
Student: How did we not know?! Don’t vegetarians tell everyone they meet?

Me: Okay everyone, today we have a special topics class on phone apps!
Student: I don’t have time for this. Where is our other teacher?

-I’ll add more later :)

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